Harry Styles has a reputation within One Direction as a womanizer, and it's no wonder. His childhood soccer coach said he was coming on to cougars since he was -- get this -- six years old.

"He wasn't the greatest footballer but he was really good with the girls," Hazza's former coach, Chris Rodgers, told The Sun (via SugarScape). "Even at six, Harry was a charmer."

Rodgers added that part of the reason Styles may not have been the best player on the field was because he was protecting his handsome face to be a player off of it. "He was timid and not the most physical on the pitch. Even at that stage I think he was protecting his looks," Rodgers chuckled. "But he’d play anywhere to get a game. He scored a few nice goals from what I remember."

He added, “He’d always have a quip and a smile with the guys -- and with all the mums watching on the sidelines."

Here's hoping Styles brushed up on his skills when he trained with Newcastle United -- or else that painful ice bath was for nothing!

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