Chelsea Handler and Harry Styles hung out in their swimwear on Friday (April 17). But even though she initially surprised everyone with her stitched "Harry" bikini bottoms, fans went wild when they saw that the 1D member has revealed a tat on his thigh.

The late night comic posted a photo on Instagram where her backside was facing the camera with a full view of the blue swimsuit bottom while Harry shrugs his shoulders but looks pleased. However if you look closer, you can see the inked design but not really make out what it really is. Either way, fans quickly flooded social media by announcing the new discovery.

While some just showed their admiration for the new ink, one fan wanted to become a tattoo artist just to have a chance to work on the pop singer. "Im going to move to LA and apprentice to be a tattoo artist just for that 1/256 chance that harry styles will be my client goodnight," the fan tweeted.

Harry has yet to make the big reveal of the new tattoo. However since the weather is getting much warmer, maybe he'll start cuffing his shorts a little higher to show of the new art piece.

Tattoos aside, it seems that Harry and Chelsea weren't hanging out alone. It looks like The Late Late Show host and Into the Woods star James Corden was also there.

"Just sitting here watching James cordon giggle," Chelsea captioned the photo.

And while he's not in the photo, we can guess that he's the one behind the camera. James has had his own close moments with Harry -- namely the time when the two lip-locked on A League of Their Own.

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