We're already well aware that Harry Styles is a man of many talents. From singing to telling horrible jokes to growing his hair to a questionable length, Harry can truly do it all. But according to the Daily Star, the One Direction singer may just be a future guest at the Oscars someday. Move over, Leonardo DiCaprio, because Harry reportedly wants to branch out into acting.

The site claims that Harry's buddy and rumored ex-fling, Cara Delevigne, has put him in touch with her agent, Sharon Jackson. The source goes on to say, "It is no secret Harry is desperate to break into acting. He loves being in the band but he wants to start exploring his other passions too."

The source even continues, saying that it's reportedly been in the works for a little while, "Harry has been seeing an acting coach every time he’s in LA and is incredibly focused on a move to the big screen. His actor friends, including Scrubs star Zach Braff, have also been giving him tips. But it was Cara who pointed him in Sharon’s direction." We don't know exactly how true any of this, but it should be noted that famed director Harvey Weinstein reportedly told the Daily Mail that he offered Harry a role in his film Tulip Fever, but Harry was forced to turn it down because he was on tour at the time.

As with all rumors surrounding One Direction, we are taking this one with 40 grains of salt, partly out of denial (One Direction will never cease to exist and you cannot convince us otherwise) and partly from being old, weathered fans who are well aware that not everything on the Internet is fact.

What do you guys think? Are you itching to see Harry star opposite Denzel Washington in a thriller? Maybe you'd like to see him in a romantic comedy? Or do you think he should stick to singing?

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