Since the MuchMusic Video Awards are a Canadian ceremony, the country was beyond well-represented by its native sons. Hedley was just one of the bands representing Canada, and the quartet performed their new song 'Kiss You Inside Out' on tonight's (June 17) live broadcast.

The pop-rock band started off the song by offering up a quick "Happy Father's Day" shout out before launching into their heart-melting, emotionally resonant song, which we actually premiered here on PopCrush last month. The recognition of the holiday and of dads was a nice touch.

You could feel the exchange of energy, passion and emotion between the band and the adoring crowd during the performance. It literally crackled off the screen during 'Kiss You Inside Out.'

If the band is unfamiliar to you, well, let's hope that this performance sparked and aroused your interest, because it certainly should have. Especially all of the ladies out there, since singer Jacob Hoggard is quite swoon-worthy, thanks to his darkly handsome good looks, chest tatts, and you know, captivating performance on stage.