Hilary Duff has been generous with shots of her newborn son Luca Cruz Comrie, who entered the world on March 20. Now, Duff has shared a black and white image of the Duff-Comrie clan.

Duff, hubby Mike Comrie, a former NHL player, and baby Luca look like a small, but happy new family. Duff is the protective mama bear, cradling her cub in her arms. They look like they are snuggling in bed.

This photo should certainly be framed in the Duff-Comrie house.

She has been sharing images of him (and his adorable little feet) via her Twitter feed, so we can all gawk and "ooh" and "aah" over the precious little tyke. Duff even admitted to being addicted to taking and tweeting photos of her firstborn, calling herself a "proud mamma on the loose." There is nothing wrong with gushing over your kid, Hil, especially when he is that angelic.

Follow Duff's Twitter feed if you want to check out semi-regular photos of Luca as he grows.