Hot Chelle Rae are wasting no time following up their Top 10 single 'Tonight Tonight.' The band has just released its latest effort, 'I Like it Like That,' a collaboration with rappers New Boyz.

Much like the band's previous single, 'I Like It Like That' is a hook-filled, sugary mix of synths and piano with "oh, oh, oh, oh" sing-along chants. Frontman Ryan Follese sings about the fun of summer: "I like it like that / Hey, windows down, chillin' with the radio on / I like it like that / Damn, sun's so hot, make the girls take it all off  / I like it like that, yeah one more time, I can never get enough / So everybody sing it right back / I like it like that."

The pace slows a bit for the New Boyz verse, in which the duo build on the party theme of the song and claim, "I'm just trying to chill with Miley at the hookah bar."

The song sounds like a surefire summer anthem for Hot Chelle Rae ... Except for the fact that summer is over and it's getting colder in much of the country. But we're betting this tune can overcome its climate-related challenges and become a hit anyway.

'I Like it Like That' will appear on the band's next album, set for a Nov. 29 release. The band is touring with the Script and will be heading on the road with Taylor Swift in 2012.

Listen to Hot Chelle Rae, 'I Like It Like That' Feat. New Boyz