In addition to being mega talented and adorable, there's another reason One Direction are some of the hottest guys in the pop game right now: They're loaded.

MTV News reports that the band is currently worth roughly $50 million, and they're only fattening their wallets. Sony Music U.K. chairman Nick Gatfield told Music Week, "What you might not know about One Direction is that they already represent a $50 million business. And that's a figure we expect to double next year." Dayum!

While it sounds like a whole lot of loot, keep in mind just how many ventures they have bringing that cash in. In addition to record breaking album and DVD sales, 1D also have a sold out massive North American arena tour (culminating with their Madison Square Garden gig), followed by a world tour in 2013.

Additionally, they'll likely release their sophomore album before Christmas (hello, stocking stuffer sales!). They also have a 3D film in the works, as well as numerous television appearances, a book and even a cartoon. This is all in addition to their merchandising sales, which include everything from T-shirts to dolls in their likenesses (we hear Harry Styles is the best seller!).

Aside from their own profits, the group also employs roughly 90 people, from security to management to tour management and everything in between. "The team around them — which includes musicians, stylists, producers, tour managers and so on — account for around 90 people," Gatfield said. "That's 90 jobs created by these five boys."

Not bad, guys! Maybe we can put One Direction in charge of the global economic recovery.

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