While Gleeks may not be seeing much of Chord Overstreet next season, Broadway superstar Idina Menzel will be returning to 'Glee' for a prominent story arc this fall.

According to Deadline, the 40-year-old singer will reprise her role as Shelby Corcoran, also known as Rachel Berry's biological mom; the adoptive baby mama to Quinn and Puck's spawn; and the conniving coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

As fans may recall, Shelby bonded with Rachel over five episodes last season, but eventually left Lima, Ohio after adopting Quinn's baby. The new plot line will involve the Tony-winner returning from New York to become a new teacher at William McKinley. Her arc could reportedly span 10 to 12 episodes.

“I’m really excited that Idina is joining the family again,” creator Ryan Murphy said. “We missed her last year and we’re happy that she is coming back.”

In addition to her role on 'Glee,' Menzel appeared on Oxygen's spin-off singing competition series, 'The Glee Project,' as a mentor for the group during its 'Theatricality' episode. After the news of Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. being upgraded to series regulars, the actress is said to be the only major casting addition next season.

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