Iggy Azalea's hair formerly: kind of pink. Iggy Azalea's hair currently: SO COMPLETELY PINK.

The rapper, whose Instagram handle is @thenewclassic, posted a photo to @thenewclassic's account last night (December 16) in which she vaguely resembles a Troll doll with a reliable deep conditioning system. Or, like someone who showered in grenadine. Or, like Jem: cartoon or disaster live-action adaptation! Suffice it to say, her hair is PINK, PINK, PINK.

Iggy's new look was met with praise from Iggy Azalea followers, who showered @thenewclassic in affirmations like "DAMON GIRL" and "she has a nice booty and she's friends with demi to."

And new seems to be the name of the game for Iggy these days. In a recent string of tweets, she told followers her next album is going to go in a biiiiit of a different direction — like, she'll sing, maybe!

"I ended up writing some last minute hooks with @beberexha and her writing partner a few days last week and really enjoyed my time,” she tweeted. “she also convinced me to ugly-sing and it turned out great. i felt very out of my comfort zone, which is always when the good stuff happens."


Do you like Iggy's new look? If her pillowcases are white, do they stand a fighting chance? The last person who cut my hair managed to sell me an upcharged styling kit, because I have a gullible way about me.

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