A new photo that has surfaced online has Selena Gomez and One Direction fans going crazy with speculation once again!

As part of #ThrowbackThursday, Selena's friend, Samantha Droke, posted this Instagram photo featuring her and her BFF with the caption, "That time in London Town." 

Keen-eyed Directioners have pointed out that the background of the photo seems to be the house of One Direction member Niall Horan. Niall himself has posted several photos of him relaxing at home on his own Instagram account, and so it wouldn't be surprising if there are a few fans out there who have the layout of the home memorized to a tee. Some comments posted to the Instagram photo include "Niall's houuseeee *0*>.<" and "That's Niall's f----ing houseee."

Back in February, rumors of a new couple began when the two pop stars were photographed together hanging out in London. Horan had broken up with ex-girlfriend Barbara Palvin, and his love life has been the subject of intense interest of dreaming fans. The new photo has added fuel to the rumor fire that Gomez and Horan might be closer than we think. The photo also comes after a report from TMZ that Gomez has purchased a $3 million dollar L.A. home away from (ex-boyfriend?) Justin Bieber, who is spending his time in Atlanta right now.

On the other hand, Gomez was spotted with Bieber sharing a little PDA as recent as early March, so perhaps a lot of the chatter regarding Selena Gomez and Niall Horan (Goran? SeleNiall?) may be nothing but a result of overexcited fans. Justin himself gave hope to "Jelena" fans that the two were together again after sharing an Instagram photo of Selena amorously wrapping her arms around him back in January.

So what do you think Selenators, Directioners and Beliebers? Is Selena done with Justin? Or are Selena and Niall "just friends"?