If OK! is accurate with this week's cover story, it would appear that while Jessica Simpson did not beat former husband Nick Lachey to the altar, she did beat him at something else! The British tabloid's cover story features a photo of the smiling Simpson with a headline that screams, "Yes, I'm Pregnant."

Jess is pregnant and revealed the news exclusively to OK!? Well, not exactly.

Simpson, who is engaged to ex-NFL player Eric Johnson, has been dodging pregnancy rumors for weeks, so this story doesn't quite shock us. Then again, any time a celeb wears a flowy top or carries a super-sized handbag that she presses against her midsection, the media assumes she is covering a baby bump. From what we can surmise, the information that Simpson is preggers comes not from her lip gloss-painted mouth, but from that of a friend.

OK! reports that Simpson attended a baby shower at the Ivy at the Shore restaurant in Santa Monica with her mother, sister Ashlee and nephew Bronx on Oct. 15. The event was being held for her childhood friend Stephanie McGuire Terblanche, but she isn't the only one who is expecting. The magazine quotes "a close friend" as saying that Simpson and Johnson are slowly but surely telling people that they are expecting.

The friend said that Simpson is already joking about eating for two, revealing that Simpson said, "Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It’s just sort of a rule with pregnant women."

The friend also said that Simpson and Johnson were not planning to start a family until after the wedding, so if she is indeed with child, this would be the happiest of accidents.

This would be the first child for Simpson, 31. Her ex-husband Lachey, who starred alongside her in their MTV series 'Newlyweds,' married longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo this summer. Hence that whole "He beat her to the altar, she beat him to having a family" thing we mentioned earlier.

If Jessica Simpson is indeed preggers, PopCrush would like to extend a congrats! Jess, we know you will be a great mom and that's sure to be one stylishly dressed baby.