Rapper J. Cole introduces us to a black swan unlike the tortured character Natalie Portman portrayed in the 2010 film of the same name. In his new video for 'Daddy's Little Girl,' Hollywood Cole tells the heartbreaking story of an up-and-coming ballerina who has to work as a stripper to pay the bills.

The video is intercut with scenes of the Roc Nation emcee rapping about a young woman's innocence being lost in a world of grime and uncertainty. "Can see it in your eyes, you look for trouble / Just because they f--- ya girl don't mean them n----s love ya / She said, 'Don't preach to me n---a, hold up / Is that a bottle on your table, well if so then pour it up / Bet you I can drink it straight without even throwin' up' / She said, 'Daddy, what you think?' Little girl, you're growin' up, grown up," Cole raps.

At the end of the clip, the young dancer sheds a tear at what her life has become, and we are left wondering if daddy's little girl will ever grow up? Directed by Axel Lamaree, the video features a great ballet performance and even tawdry striptease act.

If you like the song, 'Daddy's Little Girl' is one of the three bonus track that only appears on the iTunes version of J. Cole's debut LP 'Cole World: The Sidelined Story,' which will be available on Tuesday.

Watch the J. Cole 'Daddy's Little Girl' Video