J. Cole got pinched -- and not in a good way either. The Roc Nation rhyme-slinger kicked off his 'Cole World Tour' Tuesday night (Aug. 23) in Vancouver, British Columbia, when a female fan pick-pocketed his cell phone while he was performing onstage.

Luckily for Hollywood Cole, he had a film crew shooting his entire performance and apparently they have the footage of the nimble thief swiping his celly out of his pocket. Whoever this female fan is, she has a bright future as a career pick-pocketer because we can't see how anyone would have the cojones to steal from a rapper especially while they are rocking on the mic.

In a unique twist, J. Cole is using the power of social media to recover his phone. The rapper went to his Twitter account (@JColeNC) to kindly asked the alleged thief to return his phone no questions asked. "To the girl in the front row with the white shirt and pink bra," he tweeted. "Before I put this footage online of you stealin my phone out my pocket lol. Ima let you save the embarrassment and world star fame, by hittin @kingofqueenz or @iamdjdummy so I can get that back ASAP. U got a few hrs."

No word if J. Cole got his cell phone back or not. But we think it's ingenious and good-natured of Cole to give a fan -- who's now an alleged thief -- the opportunity to redeem herself. Also, let this be a lesson to other performers, leave your cell phones and other valuables to you road managers and handlers -- that's why y'all paid them the big bucks.