In excellent news for everyone who thinks modern hip-hop doesn't have enough rappers boasting about themselves in the third person, Jaden Smith has dropped the official video for his 'Shakespeare' single.

The timing is a little curious, as Smith released 'Shakespeare' last year, but hey, these things can take awhile to get right. Perhaps he was just waiting until he found the right director -- who, by the way, turned out to be former 'Hannah Montana' star Moises Arias. The "filmmaker/thespian" refers to himself as "the modern-day Napoleon" on Twitter.

That might be hyperbole, but Arias' 'Shakespeare' clip actually has a compelling visual vibe that matches Smith's laid-back flow. The 14-year-old MC, who's spent the last couple of years releasing a number of singles and videos in between his multiple cameo appearances on Justin Bieber tracks, hasn't announced any plans to release a full-length album yet -- but in the meantime, fans can content themselves with his 'The Cool Cafe' mixtape, released last October.

And if you're worried that all this musical activity means Smith has forgotten about his burgeoning acting career, don't fret -- he'll be seen on the big screen later this year in 'After Earth,' a sci-fi action thriller co-starring his dad.