UPDATE: James Maslow won! Vote for him in the Championship Round here.

Both James Maslow of Big Time Rush and Chris Brown made it through the first round of the Hottest Star of 2013 bracket, which means we're in the semifinals for the males. So, we'll ask you again: Who do you find to be the sexiest male singer? Boy bander James, or R&B vocalist and dancer Chris?

James Maslow had to beat out shirtless hottie and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine to move on to the next round, which is no easy feat. Seriously, can we just point that out of all of the polls we've done, we've NEVER seen one this close. James beat Adam by 6 VOTES PEOPLE. That's insane. So PopCrushers and fans, don't underestimate James' smile, insanely ripped bod, and the fact that he has no issues dressing in drag! Rushers, do your boys proud and vote for James!

Then there's Chris Brown, who has some of the best dancing skills in pop. Chris culled 64% of the votes, beating fellow pop star and dancer Jason Derulo. We can't wait to see what other new moves he comes up with while promoting his upcoming album 'X.'

So, who gets your vote for the hottest star? James Maslow or Chris Brown? You can vote up to once per hour below until this poll closes on Friday, Sept. 13, at 2PM ET. Good luck!