'Mad Men' actress January Jones was rumored to be getting cozy with Miley Cyrus' beloved fiance Liam Hemsworth at an Oscars party, and she's not denying it.

Jones was swarmed by cameras and questions in the airport yesterday, and Jones wouldn't say one peep about the allegations. Her demeanor remained as wooden and expressionless as her acting. It seems pretty telling, considering that neither her, Hemsworth's nor Cyrus' reps have denied the rumors ... and there's photographic evidence that if nothing else, Hemsworth and Jones did leave a party together.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire? Cyrus was spotted out without her engagement ring.

Cyrus took a break from social media, and though she insisted that she never called off her wedding, none of these signs look promising to a trip down the aisle with the Aussie hunk she already had been calling her "hubby."

Still, this video doesn't necessarily prove anything. Jones may have just felt that keeping silent would do more to help the stories die down than an outright denial would. Time will tell!