Kim Kardashian isn't the only brand new blonde at Paris Fashion Week. Jared Leto joined the bottle blond ranks.

The actor shocked fans earlier this week (March 2) with an Instagram shot of his stylish ombre ponytail being snipped off. Fans were in an uproar, as the 30 Seconds to Mars singer's hair has been worshiped in the fashion world these past few years. Jared teased us with a smoldering shot of his new cut, but the glory of the entire look was left to the imagination.

Jared finally debuted his new look this afternoon (March 5). The classy selfie features a serious-looking Jared sporting sunglasses, a white turtleneck, gorgeous blazer and his new platinum locks. The caption of the image is hilariously simple, just "#." #PLATINUMBLOND is more like it.

Well, that definitely wasn't what we were expecting. Jared isn't one for subtle statements (remember his kaftan phase?), so perhaps we should have seen this coming. Although, we assume the new hairdo is for his role in Suicide Squad, it comes as a total surprise. See the selfie below.

Not long after, Jared uploaded another shot of himself, sporting what look like heavy duty snow boots, at the Balmain show. Jared is almost unrecognizable in the snap, giving off a very Karl Lagerfeld vibe. Check out his stone cold selfie over on Instagram.

This look almost feels like something Jordan Catalano would have rocked and as much as we miss those glorious ombre locks, this new look suits him. From what we can tell, his eyebrows might actually be bleached too! Interesting. What do you think? Are you digging Jared's new look? Is it more Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Billy Idol? We can't decide!

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