Jason Derulo's 'Future History' is set to drop on Sept. 27 and the singer has issued a brand new lyric video for 'Pick Up the Pieces' so that fans can enjoy another slice of his hotly anticipated new album. You can listen to the song and learn the lyrics and then crank it on your iPod and sing along once 'Future History' lands. That's what we call planning in advance! Nice work, Derulo and Warner Bros., which is the singer's label and the architect behind this promotional piece.

Lyric videos are a dime a dozen but every once in a while, one will capture and retain our attention. The lyric vid for 'Pick Up the Pieces' is certainly one of the more memorable lyric clips. The words pop off the screen, rather than scrolling, and it's incredibly graphic and aesthetically pleasing, actually. It feels like a virtual roller coaster ride, where you are strapped in the cart with Derulo himself as he sings. There's also a 3D quality implicit in this lyric video.

Go ahead, enjoy your new favorite Jason Derulo jam!

Watch the Jason Derulo 'Pick Up the Pieces' Lyric Video