Jason Derulo is a workaholic who began writing songs when he was 8 years old. The personal details about the singer's life come to light in the latest episode of Derulo's 'Future History' video series.

"At 8 years old, I actually started writing, and that started the journey," Derulo explains. "I say, decide who you wanna be in life, and go for the goal. You have the power to become whoever you wanna become."

Derulo says he spends too much time working, but does it for his fans: "I do think I work too hard. I'm 21, and I always wanna work. Whatever opportunity comes my way, I always wanna do it. The reason why I work as hard as I do is because I feel like I have an obligation at this point. Throughout my whole life, I've worked hard, and it was because I was chasing this dream. And now that I have fans and have seen what music does to my fans, I feel like I have an obligation, cause I love meeting my fans."

Derulo's sophomore album 'Future History,' featuring the hits 'Don't Wanna Go Home' and 'It Girl,' arrives on Sept. 27. Check out the rest of the video below, which also features Derulo discussing the proudest day of his life so far.

Watch Jason Derulo's 'The Journey' Video Episode