While the Wanted and One Direction aren't really on each other's good sides, the rivaling British-Irish boy bands have more in common than they think... even when it comes to extremely personal stuff, like tattoos.

While gazing at the guys, thinking up ways they could bring their sharp-tongued feud to a ceasefire, we actually noticed that Jay of the Wanted and Louis of One Direction have very similar tattoos of compasses. And while we may be adding fuel to the fire with this one, we were curious to see which boy bander's compass ink all of you readers liked best. (We never said we were good at the whole "peacemaking" thing!)

You can get a closer glimpse of both pieces of ink below, with Jay McGuiness' tattoo pictured on the left, and Louis Tomlinson's on the right. There's obviously a similarity between the classic compass designs, with both of the fellows displaying an old-fashioned nautical theme. Jay's is simply the basis of the compass, while Louis had his fashioned within a case. Additionally, both of the tats are on their respective right forearms! What a strange coincidence... or was it?!

So, after checking out photos, which boy bander's compass tattoo has drawn you in more? Vote for Jay or Louis below!

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