It's been a couple of years since we heard any new material from pop sensation Jay Sean. But have no fear, The singer is hardly resting on his laurels. The Cash Money Records superstar is currently putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album 'Freeze Time,' which is expected to hit stores on Nov. 22.

To hold fans over until then, Jay Sean just released a FREE online mixtape called 'The Mistress,' which leans more towards R&B than his familiar pop sound. “For me, it’s my new passion project,” the British singer tells Rap-Up. "It’s a little nod to throwback R&B, the stuff that I grew up to. It’s just fun. It’s not going in there and over-thinking anything. It’s just doing some stuff that I wanted to do, perhaps doing some stuff that America hasn’t heard. It’s showing the other side of me. It’s my other love, my hidden love.”

Sean's mixtape 'The Mistress' is a fantastic digital LP that should have been released as a commercial full-length album. Songs like 'The Mistress,' 'Love,' 'Message in a Bottle,' 'She Has Not Time' and 'Movie' proves that the crooner can definitely hang with today's top male R&B singers. With any luck, Sean might perform some of these songs on his upcoming joint fall tour with Joe Jonas.

You can download Jay Sean's latest mixtape for free here.

1. 'Rouge a levres'
Instrumental intro with Sean's beat-boxing skills in full effect.

2. 'The Mistress'
A synth-driven ballad in which Jay Sean contemplates his guilt of having an adulterous affair as he remains with his faithful girlfriend.

3. 'Love' (Feat. Birdman)
A bouncy jam with Sean promising a beautiful lady that not only he can heat up the dance floor, he can also bring it to the bedroom. Cash Money CEO Birdman co-signs Sean's loverboy swag, rapping of money, cars and bling.

4. 'Sex 101' (Feat Tyga)
Apparently, Sean has a Ph.D in love and class is in session. "So baby close the door / Let your dress slip down to the floor / Baby, I'm sure / We are going get it in / I'ma do it proper / We can take our time / You ain't even got to rush / The only ones in class are us," he sings on the song. Jay Sean gets an A+ for this effort.

5. 'Message in a Bottle'
A climatic R&B song that would fit perfectly on urban radio stations. On this beautiful and metaphoric song, Sean expresses his unrequited love in a message found hidden in a bottle.

6. 'Yesterday'
Jay Sean flips the Beatles' 1965 song into an ode about heartbreak and pain.

7. 'She Has No Time'
A haunting song during which Sean expressing guilt after having an affair to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

8. 'Say Yeah' (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
A sunshine-y ballad with Sean urging his love to elope with him. Fiasco guests on the song but he's not really needed. It's not a bad R&B track, though.

9. 'Can't Fall in Love'
Jay Sean tells a side chick that he can't fall in love with her and encourages her to find somebody else.

10. 'Movie'
The British singer gets his freak on with this joint suggesting to his lover that they should film their own love story in the bedroom. The song is clever and cheeky at the same time. We are not mad at him.

11. 'Same Old Same Old'
A random interlude.

12. 'Where I Wanna Be'
Jay Sean offers his reinterpretation of Donnell Jones' classic 2000 ballad. The singer does a phenomenal job matching the tender falsetto of Jones' vocals on this remake.

13. 'Waiting in Vain'
Another beautiful remake -- this time of Bob Marley's 1977 love ode of the same name. Sean yearns for the love of his future soulmate over a simple acoustic guitar.

14. 'Where Do We Go'
Jay Sean ends the mixtape with a heartbreaking song as he asks his lover if they should continue their relationship or call it quits.

15. 'Sealed Lips'
Instrumental outro with Sean's beat-boxing skills in full effect.

Listen to the Jay Sean 'The Mistress' Mixtape