Harry Styles may, or may not be, embarking on a solo career following One Direction's indefinite hiatus. The sole proof of a forthcoming solo stint is the fact that the song publishing database PRS has cataloged four songs under Styles' name, all on which he appears as both co-writer and performer: "Coco," "Endlessly," "Already Home," and "5378 Miles."

While fans eagerly await confirmation as to whether Styles will actually record and release these songs himself, rapper and music mogul Jay Z has reportedly expressed interest in taking Styles under his tutelage to help him create and achieve the best solo career possible.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star Sunday [via The Guardian], Jay Z asserted that he could make Styles "the biggest artist in the world" within a year—no small feat considering the global phenomenon that was One Direction. Should Styles decide to go it alone for a bit, Jay Z confirmed that he can "get [Styles] working with the bigger artists and the bigger producers" to ensure the kind of global success he envisions.

"Harry doesn't need any help with exposure; everybody in the world knows who he is" Jay Z continued. "But he does need to make the transition from being part of a group to becoming an individual artist." Hence the very nature of starting a solo career, right Jay Z?

Jay Z also discussed the possibility of collaborating with Simon Cowell on Styles' possible solo venture, stating "[W]e could do a joint venture—we both have big qualities we can bring to the table." And Styles would "make more than enough money for everybody to get a piece of the pie.”


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