"Concerts are pretty much performance art," Jay-Z says in the intro of his 'Picasso Baby' performance art clip. "The venues change, and just by nature when the venues change, the performances change. You do a smaller venue and it's a been more intimate," he continued. "You can feel the energy of the people."

And boy, could New York City feel his energy.

"In a concert, especially a big concert, that energy comes to you," Hova said. "It's like, 'What do you do with that energy?' This way," he said of his performance art, "it's kind of an exchange. You have somewhere to drop it back off."

Walking into the venue, Jay takes a deep breath, waves to friends, fans and contemporaries, blushes slightly and then immediately gets to work on the tiny platform stage in the all-white room (which matches his crisp white shirt beautifully).

That work entailed an almost endless performance of the track, featuring cameos from the cast of 'Girls,' Alan Cumming, Wale, Rosie Perez, artists, designers, dancers, some adorable tykes and more. The only things missing, really, were Beyonce and Blue Ivy.