Jenna Marbles decided to give in to fan requests and read, on-camera, some of the meanest comments she's ever received. Following in the style of Jimmy Kimmel's series where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, Jenna bit the bullet and did the same.

She takes it all in stride and is totally willing to laugh at the things people say, and even responds to most of them. It's insane to see the things people are willing to say about her behind the veil of anonymity, usually saying pretty harsh things about her appearance. Check out Jenna's video above -- but beware, there's some pretty NSFW and offensive language peppered in there, to the surprise of no one, we're sure.

Miranda Sings also made a public display of some fan tweets, though hers were decidedly less mean. She chose to make a song out of a handful of tweets, making sure to avoid the ones with more questionable phrasing -- though a few manage to slip through the cracks, ultimately causing her to end her song early. Check out Miranda's video posted above!