If there were ever a vocalist on this planet who never needed to lip sync, it's Mariah Carey. Still, following her pitch perfect performance on the finale of 'American Idol,' people speculated that it was too perfect. What happened?

Carey did not lip sync, but she did sing live along to a prerecorded backing track, per E! Online. (This is pretty much the same thing Beyonce did at President Obama's inauguration.) Her rep also noted that she "performed with a 40-person choir."

"She absolutely did not lip sync," Carey's publicist assured. "She performed live in front of several thousands of people (and did it three times)! No lip syncing whatsoever! She did three takes and thrilled the crowd with singing little songs in between that were not part of her medley," Carey's rep explained.

Not only is Carey a phenomenal singer, she's also great at throwing shade. While she's rumored to have had a beef with Jennifer Lopez since her 'Glitter' days, she hasn't spoken publicly of La Lopez. But on Thursday's (May 17) finale, Carey was accused of not giving J. Lo a standing ovation with the rest of her panel.

However, Carey did eventually stand up to applaud Lopez -- it just took her longer to maneuver because her dress was so tight, so it was just missed in GIFs of the incident. So we can all get off Mimi's back now!