We know celebrities have certain strange demands -- like requiring mere peasants to not look them in the eyes or to make sure fresh flowers are within eyesight -- but did Jennifer Lopez fall victim to one such escapade at the hands of a maid?

Some A-listers act all high and mighty, so when a German maid approached one of Lopez's assistants asking for an autograph, rumor has it that Lopez immediately went complained to the hotel's management, and the maid was subsequently fired the next day!

But wait, the triple threat Lopez is calling BS on the entire ordeal, taking to Twitter to defend herself. "C'mon thought you knew me better than this.." read her tweet. "Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful."

According to sources, there was an incident with a maid, but not because of an autograph.  Apparently the overzealous maid barged into Lopez's room, and the bodyguards sprang into action, immediately removing the maid in fear of Lopez's safety.

"Jennifer always goes out of her way to meet and greet fans as evidenced by her recent tweet 2 meet engagements backstage, as well as stopping to sign autographs and say hello to hotel staff," said her rep to TMZ.

And there ya have it, folks!

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