Jennifer Lopez's latest single, 'Papi,' is spicy hot -- just like the Puerto Rican, Bronx-raised 'American Idol' judge herself. J. Lo gets in touch with her roots in this new song from her 'Love?' album, and even sings in Spanish towards the end.

"Put your hands up in the air, dance for your man if you care," Lopez instructs in her surefire dance hit. While her past few tracks have been all about the booty shakin' a la 'On the Floor,' this one gets that rump moving with a purpose, which is to attract your No. 1's attention.

"My rock is shinin' bright / Even if he ain't by my side / He makes sure that I glow / I make sure everybody knows," J. Lo sings of her man, who isn't around the club but whose presence is sparkling on her finger.

This song gives a clear message, so you don't have to read between the lines. If you care about your significant other, you might just want to show off those moves like Lopez suggests ... Repeatedly.

'Papi' is the third single to drop from 'Love?' and a perfect fit for any club packed full of dance-hungry people, and all-in-all, exemplifies what we love about the singer/actress. Digital Spy thinks Lo might even drop her third and fourth singles simultaneously, and if that's true, expect a hot summer with a strong chance of Jennifer Lopez.

Of her upcoming plans, Lopez says, "I'm going to be doing a couple of films. I will be doing a little part on one film and a bigger part in the other one this fall. After that I'm going to see."

Maybe she doesn't need 'AI' afterall?

Listen to J.Lo, 'Papi'