Jennifer Lopez appeared on the German television show 'Wetten dass...?' on June 18, and although she wore a sexy outfit during her 'On the Floor' performance, it was nothing compared to the amount of skin she showed during the interview portion. As she sat down in her flowy maxi dress with the show's host, Thomas Gottschalk, J. Lo had a wardrobe mishap when her low-cut dress exposed her right breast for all of the world to see.

We know Lopez gravitates towards the Boho chic style at times, and it seems she was going for this look while on 'Wetten dass...?" However, she took the hippie look one step further by ditching her bra. It's not like she hasn't sported low-cut dresses before -- do we all remember her infamous green Grammy dress? -- but seriously, make sure that neckline is secure!

It seems like Lopez and her stylists made a silly mistake -- we're sure the mother of two was not trying to stir up the scandal pot -- and we honestly feel pretty bad for her. It seems like she cannot catch a break lately. She is being haunted by her evil ex-husband who is tenaciously trying to release an intimate video of the singer, and now her boob falls out on one of Europe's most watched Saturday night television shows. We hope things start getting better in the nudity department for Ms. Lopez very soon.

Watch Jennifer Lopez Perform 'On the Floor' on 'Wetten dass...?'