Here's some news that should cheer Jennifer Lopez up: The multi-hyphenate star is on her way to having the most-viewed YouTube video in history.

Impre reports that J to the L-O's video with Pitbull, 'On the Floor,' is in the running to be the most viewed YouTube video ever, with over 411 million views.

Even better, unlike the viral popularity of other popular YouTube clips (hello, Rebecca Black!), 'On the Floor' received a 93 percent "like" rating. In terms of feedback, Lopez fared far better than the current record holder, Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' which was predominantly panned.

'On the Floor' is currently the third most played video, behind 'Baby,' with over 645 million views, and Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance,' with over 422 million views.

'On the Floor' is Lopez's biggest global hit of her career, despite her latest album, 'Love?' and the two previous -- 'Rebirth' and 'Brave' -- not moving as many copies as her previous works. Even Nicole Richie endorsed the dance hit!

The 'American Idol' judge has been having a rough time lately dealing with her divorce, as evidenced by her onstage breakdown on Oct. 22, but this news -- and perhaps her hottie rumored boyfriend, Bradley Cooper -- will evoke tears of joy from J. Lo.

Watch the Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull 'On the Floor' Video