The always emotional Jeremy Rosado attempted Stevie Wonder's 'Ribbon in the Sky' on 'American Idol' tonight to mixed results. The all-around nice guy, who was saved by Jennifer Lopez last week during the wild-card round, never found that special Stevie Wonder sweet zone.

'Idol' mentor Jimmy Iovine, who always seems to say what we are thinking, hoped Jeremy's nerves wouldn't get the best of him. Jimmy's fears instantly proved true once the song kicked in.

The song never seemed to get off the ground, with Jeremy appearing detached from the lyrics coming out of his mouth. When he tried to reach the high notes, it got screechy and veered off track. Jeremy did manage to succeed with his smooth falsetto. Sadly, his Justin Timberlake-esque falsetto couldn't save the song.

Besides J. Lo, who has an obvious sweet spot for him, the judges thought Jeremy didn't live up to his potential.  Randy Jackson, who was surprisingly effective tonight in his critiques, told Jeremy, "it didn't work at all."  Randy then ruined our newfound respect for him by claiming Jeremy had no, "swag," during the performance song. Oh Randy, you had us fooled there for a second.

Watch Jeremy Rosado Perform 'Ribbon in the Sky' on 'American Idol'