Now that Jermaine Paul has won 'The Voice,' he gets to enjoy the rewards, which included a trip to Ellen DeGeneres' talk show to perform and chat about his experience on the singing competition. Paul told Ellen that he had no expectations on the night of the finale and actually thought he would finish fourth.

“I honestly thought I was going to be number four, and then when they called number four I thought I was going to be number three,” Paul said. “I just did what I always do in this whole process … I just prayed. I just had a conversation with God and said, 'Let your will be done. Whatever it be, I’m good with it.'”

DeGeneres asked Paul why he chose to go with mentor Blake Shelton, a decision that struck many as an odd pairing. "People keep saying that. I think it makes sense," Paul said. "Blake is like a man-man, and I consider myself a man-man. No offense to (Cee Lo and Adam Levine), I think they're great artists." Paul credited Shelton with challenging him and offering genuine support.

Ellen busted out a clip from the archives showing the last time Paul appeared on her show, when he was a backup singer for Alicia Keys in 2006. "A lot of backup singers that I know, they're content. They're happy with what they're doing," Paul said. "It was a great way to support my family, but now is the time to step off into my own and try to seize my own path."

Paul finished by performing Journey's classic ballad 'Open Arms,' which he sang during the competition. Courtesy of Idolator, watch the new champion show off 'The Voice.'

Watch Jermaine Paul on 'Ellen'