Beyonce has her Sasha Fierce alter ego and 'American Idol' hopeful Jessica Sanchez has her own in the form of Bebe Chez! On tonight's episode (April 4), where the contestants tackled the '80s, Sanchez, aka Chez, boosted the tempo of an otherwise snoozy episode full of ballads with the late Whitney Houston's dancey anthem 'How Will I Know,' which is easily one of her best songs.

The light, frothy song about how to deal with a crush exemplifies and typifies the '80s. Everything in that decade was bigger, and what better way to get that very point across then with a massive, huge voice like that of Bebe Chez. She crushed that note at the end.

She looked the part, with a denim jacket, an armful of bangles, a side ponytail and a swipe of shiny lip gloss. It's worth a mention that the song came out in 1985. Sanchez is just 16, so she was born 11 years after the song was a smash for Houston. Still, Bebe Chez handled it like a seasoned vet. The song was a natural choice and she slayed it .... dead! Nice work and nice to meet ya, Bebe Chez.

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform 'How Will I Know' on 'American Idol'