Those rumors about Jessica Simpson having a boy she plans to name Ace? Well, the singer/actress and fashionista has confirmed at least one part of that rumor and it's that's she's expecting a boy.

So little Maxwell Drew, who turns 1 in May, will have a baby brother.

Simpson confirmed the news that's she's got a male bun in the oven while appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night, March 6.

"It’s a total different pregnancy," Simpson explained.

She's been sick a lot, saying, "I just feel awful. I've been vomiting. I had no idea that a wiener can make me nauseous."

A wiener, she said! And that's all the confirm we needed. That's clearly not a third arm growing inside of her!

"Oh shucks! Well I guess told the world that I was having a boy," the Texas-born diva said. "I just outed that I am having a boy. I can’t believe I did that. It was not planned."

Yeah, and neither was this pregnancy.

Simpson said she has seen the media reports that she was having a son, saying, "It was kind of out and about in the press that I was having a boy. I was like ‘How do people know these things?'"

She also revealed that she and fiancé Eric Johnson want to get married but they keep screwing up their plans by screwing around... literally. "I keep planning on getting married, but I keep getting knocked up," she joked. "It’s just one of those things. Maybe I should go back to when I was younger, I was a virgin before I was married, so maybe I should just completely reverse and stop having sex altogether until Eric [Johnson] and I actually say I do."

Too late, Jess.

And we're still stuck on the possible name Ace Johnson. It sounds like an adult film star.