Jessica Simpson was pregnant for what felt like forevs, finally birthing daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1. One thing was constant during Simpson's gestation period and that was the fact that she was stylish (remember the blue snakeskin dress she wore to the baby shower?) and in heels for most of it. That's what inspired Simpson to create a maternity clothing line this fall. Now every expectant mama with a sense of style can follow J Simps' lead!

Simpson's fashion empire reportedly rakes in a cool billion – yes, we said billion with a "b," which is likely why she sold off the first photos of Max for a measly $800,000 -- and this new arm of said empire should keep the receipts and profits coming in. This line is the 24th product classification under the Jessica Simpson Collection umbrella. She offers shoes, handbags, clothing, tween items, fragrances and more. No wonder music is simmering on the backburner. She's making bank off her apparel brand.

According to a press release, Simpson's maternity wear will have a vintage '70s feel, consisting of "breezy, everyday pieces" designed expressly for the modern mom-to-be who doesn't want to sacrifice form for function.

Simpson went into the project hoping to strike a balance between comfort and style, and mixed patterns and textures to maintain a cool, relaxed vibe. Denim in a variety of washes, leggings, print tops, flowing maxis and form-fitting jersey knit dresses are casual and comfy. Jackets, blazers and chunky sweaters are also being offered for moms requiring a bit more of a pro look.

"I'm so excited to partner with Destination Maternity to design a collection of fashionable styles that make you look and feel great!" Simpson said. "You want to wear clothes that are flattering to your baby bump; you want to show your bump off."

Jessica Simpson Maternity will land at 700 retail locations, among them Motherhood Maternity, Destination Maternity and Macy's. The lowest price point is $36. Now expectant mommies can dress up and show off their bump, Simpson-style.