Jessie and the Toy Boys get frisky in the new video 'Let's Get Naughty,' which features sexy dance routines and lots of suggestive come-ons from the young singer.

As the video begins, Jessie zips herself up into a full-body, tight leather suit that reveals only her eyes. She sits on a couch surrounded by a handful of mannequins, the "toy boys" that have become a trademark in her video and photo shoots.

As the song progresses, the fake guys are replaced with real ones with hot dance moves. Their dances with Jessie become the focal point of the video. Close-up shots of leather, whips and graffiti artists add an extra layer of danger as Jessie sings about being bad.

'Let's Get Naughty' includes plenty of salacious lyrics that are creative enough to make even a seasoned rapper jealous. Jessie sings, "You're bad like MJ days in the '80s / I really wanna ride your train all night but I don't wanna have your babies," "Flip me over like a pancake," and finally, "All my hoes, touch your toes."

A quick shot at the end ties the whole thing together. Jessie's leather suit is unzipped, revealing that she has now become a mannequin herself.

Shot in Los Angeles and Cleveland, the video incorporates a lot of street art, which Jessie says was created specifically for the shoot. She wrote the song more than a year ago but shelved it until she needed more material for her set as an opening act on the Femme Fatale Tour with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj.

Watch the Jessie and the Toy Boys 'Let's Get Naughty' Video