Jessie J is gorgeous and stylish, and luckily for us, she is very generous with sultry and funny pics, which she posts on her Instagram feed.

When she is not sharing goofy or sexy selfies or showing off her latest hairstyle change, she is also posting inspirational quotes and shots of her food. One needn't look any further than our Celebs Eating post each week for evidence of what the Double J, born Jessica Ellen Cornish, noshes on.

We've grabbed 26 of our favorites -- silly, funny, candid and sexy -- from her feed and posted 'em here for your enjoyment. The singer really does swap out her style on a daily basis. She always keeps us guessing.

Her fuchsia lipstick brought out the grey in her eyes.

Bed selfie! Every celeb posts those and JJ is no different. But she makes this pose look gooooood.

Always the diva!

She is both confident and beautiful enough to go makeup-less.

Jessica -- love her nameplate necklace -- rocked an extreme bowl cut, sorta like Moe from 'The Three Stooges.'

A goofy girl with a fake goatee. Or a faux chin tattoo.

Those bangs! Those lips! Mwah!

Thanks to a leather jacket and a faux hawk, JJ went punk rock. She is such a style chameleon. But we're not gonna lie -- this is our fave of all the pics we've posted.

Meet the gypsy version of Jessie J.

What a body, tattoo and cleavage! She's pretty much flawless, wouldn't you say?

Love those effortless, beachy waves.

Two of our fave British babes: Jessie and Ellie Goulding. It's too much beauty and talent for one Instagram photo.

She has the best hair, really.

Old Hollywood Glam, lace and finger waves.

A pixie and her poochie.

Working out and no makeup? Still beautiful (aka genetically blessed).


Baby blues.

Ghetto fab with blue hair, plum lips, tire-sized hoops and large sunnies.

Floppy hat and hippie chic.

Oh, hi, Jessie J's cleavage.

Pouty-lipped selfie -- there's no shortage of those.

Getting her hair did.

Facial time.

Subtle smoky eye makeup and major gold hoops accented her natural beauty.