Hearing a song called 'It's My Party,' you expect to indulge the recording artist as much as you do your bestie when she throws herself a birthday bash. It is, after all, herparty, and she'll most likely do whatever the heck she wants.

But it doesn't mean you have to like it. With her newly released single, Jessie J fails to take full advantage of the listener's goodwill following the urban-edged 'Wild,' the well-received first track off of her as-yet-untitled second album.

With its frantic beats and eff-off lyrics, 'It's My Party' aims to be a full-stop dance-floor anthem for the waning days of summer. The lyrics are indeed fun -- who doesn't love telling off haters? -- but the tune itself is lacking the hooks to keep you from forgetting it the second its 3 minutes, 38 seconds are over.

Ms. J recently quit the U.K. edition of 'The Voice' to concentrate more fully on her music, and we can report she admirably commits fully to her vocals here, even if she ultimately comes off more shrill than sassy.

Speaking of sassy, we wish the whole song had had the carefree sass of its super-fun, singalong bridge:

"You think I speak too much? / Don't care, don't care / You think I tweet too much? / Don't care, don't care."

Jessie J heartbeats will LOVE the song, of course, but in the end, it's a party we'd rather not attend.