Pop diva Jessie J may have admitted her bisexuality last year, but the singer wants to clarify one thing. She is not a lesbian. A new unauthorized biography of the raven-haired British starlet purports that she was advised to conceal her sexual orientation in order to keep her record deal and so she wouldn't alienate or lose fans. Uh, no way, says JJ!

The tome, titled 'Jessie J: Who’s Laughing Now,' was penned by Chloe Govan, who, according to WENN, alleged, “Jessie might have been with boys in the past – but she is 100 percent gay. Jessie was openly lesbian and didn’t hide it. She was advised not to come out though. Certain people thought being bi was trendy, exotic and a fashion statement. It would increase her allure. Being gay would alienate people.”

That's a controversial claim and something tells us that Jessie J could slap the book publisher with quite the lawsuit.

The 'Domino' singer took to Twitter to address the allegations. She offered the following message, dismissing all allegations, chalking it up to typical media misinformation.

She posted: "Its funny how many people I've datedslept with that I've never even met according to the tabloids. BUT what's that?! *whispers because its a secret* I'm really a lesbian?! Ha! Thanks for writing yet another boring untrue story. I thought I was still dating Tinie, NO Ellie G, NO Mark Wright....bla bla bla! #cantkeepup #noneofitstrue"

No matter gay, straight or bi, or lesbian, and no matter who she dates or doesn't, we love Jessie J all the same!