Jessie J and Adele are the first duo in the Pop Solo category to advance in PopCrush's Battle of the Brits! The British vocalists go way back -- the 25-year-olds actually attended high school together -- but now they are duking it out for the title of Best Act in the U.K.!

In Round 1, Jessie J went head-to-head with Rita Ora. Although the Ritabots, aka the 'Radioactive' singer's devoted fan base, were tough competition for Jessie's Heartbeats, the 'Wild' songstress ended up with more than 58% of the total votes.

Meanwhile, Adele's powerhouse pipes went up against the sweet sounds of newcomer Ed Sheeran, who is actually only three years her junior. Even though Ed's a beautiful songwriter with tons of talent and a die-hard fan base, he just couldn't champion over the force that is Adele's voice. The '21' songstress ended up walking away with 55% of the overall votes.

So, who will get your vote in Round 2 of Battle of the Brits? Jessie J or Adele? You can vote once per hour below until the poll closes on July 31 at 2PM ET. Whoever wins this round will go on to Round 3 of the Pop Solo category before taking on other acts for the title of Best in the U.K.