Jimmy Fallon warned you it wasn't going to be pretty when he dressed up as Taylor Swift for his post-Super Bowl special, and...well, as the above picture can attest, it wasn't. But it was pretty entertaining, and if you missed it the first time around, now you can watch the clip for yourself.

Put together as a series of mock auditions for NBC's 'The Voice,' Fallon's bit found him donning a sparkly gown and blond wig to play Swift, bringing his Justin Bieber impression out of mothballs, and tossing in his version of LMFAO in the bargain, not to mention impersonating Bruno Mars, Eminem, Josh Groban, and his Tim Tebow/David Bowie hybrid character, Tebowie.

Before the special, Fallon promised that "Something’s definitely going to go wrong," but the segment -- spliced together with Fallon's impressions and clips from episodes of 'The Voice' -- drew plenty of cheers from the audience. Take a look and let us know what you think -- which Fallon impression is your favorite?

Jimmy Fallon 'The Voice' Super Bowl Halftime Auditions