We're shipping John Krasinski and Emily Blunt so hard right now.

The 'Into the Woods' star just picked up a Critic's Choice Award for Best Action Movie Actress for her role in 'Edge of Tomorrow.' As if that wasn't awesome enough, her acceptance speech was crashed by a special guest -- hubby John Krasinski!

The 'Office' actor -- who was presenting the award following Blunt's win -- couldn't keep his excitement to himself. Therefore, he ran onto the stage, sneaked up on his wife from behind and wrapped her in a hug. Did we mention he did this all while adorably whispering "Yessss!" and looking happier than ever? Cannot. Even. Deal. We're straight-up obsessed with how thrilled he is for his wife!

PSA: PopCrushers, do yourselves a favor and check out the super sweet video above. Trust us -- it's totally the perfect way to start off your Friday!