Musician and multi-talented multi-tasker John Legend is expanding his artistic palette and adding a few new credits to his already impressive resume. The singer is working on developing a new comedy for NBC called 'Mixed Blessings.'

Many musicians – LL Cool J and Reba, to name a few -- have gone on to enjoy incredible success on the small screen so there is no reason that John Legend can't replicate that model, whether or not he is behind the camera or in front of it!

Perez Hilton reports that the show will be structured around a prominent hip-hop star who is enjoying being a singleton while famous, taking advantage of all the perks that come alongside fame. However, he discovers that he has a long-lost teenage son, with whom he tries to reconnect. His son lives with a white suburban family and that's where the fun begins.

The show could be on the air as soon as 2012, but production dates and such have yet to be confirmed. It's also not clear if Legend himself will star in the show in any capacity, either. From the looks of it, he may just be behind-the-scenes in the development stages.