The Jonas Brothers may be a few years older -- it has been four years, a solo album (Joe's), a wedding (Kev's) and a Broadway stint (Nick's) since they've last released a record -- but they go back to high school in their pep rally-style video for their new single 'Pom Poms.'

There are booty shakers and twerkers in the bleachers -- did Nick steal that idea from his ex, Miley? -- and the song is infused with infectious, youthful energy, as Joe and his Bros. perform their song on a football field.

There are some Gospel singers, marching bands, football players, a big head mascot and a dance off all contained within the space of four minutes.

The song is cute, catchy and totally Jo Bros. High school is supposed to be "the time of your life" and the Jonas Brothers capture that essence.