This may make that reunion a little trickier. The Jonas Brothers have split with their longtime label, Disney-owned Hollywood Records.

The JoBros not only left the label, but also bought back their rights for merchandising, master recordings and publishing.

The band's manager, Johnny Wright, told The Hollywood Reporter that the guys had fulfilled their obligations to the label and simply outgrew Disney -- something pretty understandable. “In having a conversation about moving forward, we knew we weren’t going to do a Jonas show on Disney Channel and the likelihood of us doing movie in that vein was not there, so the big platforms were not really accessible to us anymore.”

Nick Jonas says the split was nothing but amicable. "This was a decision that we made as a group,” Nick said. “Naturally, as with any partnership, when you do part ways, there is emotion tied to it. We've been blessed to have a lot of success with Hollywood and with Disney, but speaking on behalf of my brothers and our team, we're all looking forward to this next chapter," he added. "We're ready for that next step as a group, and being able to take our work with us was so important.”

Part of why the Brothers split was the fact that they want to go slowly on their new record. “We don't have to have a record out under any time constraints," Wright said, "so they’re free to just create and explore and do it at their own pace. And they're enjoying it.”

Nick said the brothers' individual projects delayed the new album, but also gave them a wealth more material from which to derive in their songwriting. “In these past three years, my brothers and I have not released a record, but we've really come into our own as men," Nick said. "And we've also lived life, which is an important part to making a record. … I've got a studio set up in my apartment in New York where we can all put down our ideas. It's a really liberating feeling to just be able to create and write whatever is on our hearts.”

In any case, the band's followup to 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times' is due at the end of 2012 or early 2013. We can't wait to see if it will be chronicled on Kevin Jonas' new reality show!