When 30-year-old Josh Krajcik walked into the arena in Chicago to audition for 'X Factor,' we weren't sure what to expect. The self-proclaimed "burrito slinger" seemed like your average happy guy, wearing a big giant grin in addition to a bushy beard, jeans and a black t-shirt. However, when Krajcik performed Etta James' 'At Last,' he "blew away" Simon Cowell and every viewer watching him.

Krajcik drove from Columbus, Ohio with his mom (she did most of the driving) to audition on 'X Factor,' and it quickly became clear that his mom is his biggest fan. "Ive been wanting him to sing in front of Simon Cowell for years. He's a songwriter. His songs are phenomenal," she ecstatically proclaimed. His mom wouldn't be his only fan for long, though, as he won over thousands with his grainy, soulful voice.

When he broke into the first notes of the Etta James classic, it was literally enough to give you goosebumps all over. He sounded like Joe Cocker, with a powerful voice that was full of emotion and heart. There is no doubt that he could perform many types of genres too, from R&B and soul to full-blown rock and roll. Backstage, his mom was crying as she watched her son "share his gift" with the world. Krajcik is more than just gifted, he is absolutely captivating.

After he finished the electrifying performance, Krajcik had a huge smile on his face and thousands of people and the judges cheered him on. "I've got to say, Josh. I always thought after a few auditions over the years I wouldn't be surprised again, and you started singing and you just blew me away. You're just honest," Simon Cowell told Krajcik. L.A. Reid was loving Krajcik, saying, "You are too good. Way too good."

The 'X Factor' judges all gave Krajcik a very enthusiastic "yes," and the adorably impressive singer was absolutely overjoyed -- and so was his mom. In the words of Cheryl Cole, Krajcik "killed it" and we can't wait to see more from him in the future.

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform 'At Last' on 'X Factor'