During the current phase of 'X Factor,' hopefuls are whisked off to the judge's homes to perform and see if they can move onto the live rounds... Only they are not the judge's actual cribs.

Come on, did you really think that superstars on the level of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato wanted to showcase their private abodes on national TV? Or even worse, have fame-seeking strangers wandering the grounds? Brit's got kids she has to consider, security-wise.

TMZ reports that the Miami mansion at which Simon Cowell mentored the groups actually belongs to New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and that it has been sitting on the market since August. Perhaps this high profile exposure might get the slugger some bids. Maybe?

Brit's onscreen pad was located in Malibu, which is not where she resides. She lives over in Calabasas, so it was a prop home.

It's also said that the location that doubled as Lovato's house is actually a loft in downtown Los Angeles that is used for both photo and video shoots.

It's not clear if that was L.A. Reid's actual abode.

Even though the houses do not belong to the judges, it was still cool to see these swank, swagged out pads.

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