Justin Bieber's security detail earns its keep in a way that's good for the singer's well-being, but is bad for both JB and the bodyguard's reputations. One of the singer's protectors was filmed kicking a paparazzo's car in Australia. Oof!

TMZ obtained video of the attack, shot in Sydney (Nov. 28), and you can hear the bodyguard's foot making contact with the door. It sounds as though it left a dent...

The snapper was tailing The Biebs' car. The car pulled over and one of The Biebs' enforcers got out and told the pap to back off.

The pap wasn't having any of that strong-arming and refused to leave. That's when you hear the foot hit the door, which the snapper acknowledges. The pap also claims that his tires were knifed, but the video offers no evidence of such.

Nowhere in the clip is The Biebs, the sought-after target.

This particular bodyguard takes his job seriously and isn't afraid to resort to extreme measures of sorts to protect his client. He reportedly used force with a surfer Down Under earlier this week when he tried to get a pic of The Biebs.

It sounds like there's a clear message here and it's leave The Biebs alone or deal with his goons.