Has it really been six whole years since Justin Bieber uploaded his first video to YouTube, beginning a journey that would forever change the landscape of pop music as we know it?

Yeah, it has.

To celebrate the landmark anniversary, The Biebs, who first posted videos of his covers of the likes of Usher under the Kidrauhl handle, shared this acoustic clip of 'Take You' from 'Believe Acoustic.'

The Biebs says, "What's up guys! It's been six years since I posted my first music video ever…so we're going to post a little preview of my acoustic album, this is one of my favorite songs on the album!"

Wearing a backwards cap and kicks while accompanied by his acoustic guitarist, he's seated while singing, hitting every note of his vey own song! He's no longer relying on covers. The Biebs even breaks into near-giggles at the one-minute mark. He also says he'll take you home or wherever you want to go as he signs off. Swag, swag, swag.

He also breaks into a little French in the bridge. Seriously. Check it, Beliebers. Pretend like he is singing it right to...YOU!

'Believe Acoustic' drops Jan. 29.

How much do you love 'Take You,' Beliebers?