Since he rose to fame at such a young age, Justin Bieber never got to go to his high school prom. However, the 21-year-old "Boyfriend" singer got his party when he crashed a senior prom in Los Angeles.

Students from Chatsworth Charter High School got the surprise of their lives on Saturday night (April 25) when the popstar stopped by their party. Dropping by unannounced, he reportedly rolled in with model Hailey Baldwin, her friend Gabby Westbrook and producer Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and slipped into the middle of the dance floor.

While he was trying to just blend in, students quickly noticed, and the whole party went wild. He not only danced in the middle of the crowd and looked unfazed as swarms of high school seniors converged toward him, but it seems that he also danced with the freshly crowed prom queen -- who is most likely the envy of every girl at her school and probably the rest of the world.

As the teens pulled out their phones to capture the moments, social media quickly flooded with photos and videos of Justin's presence at the the party. And considering the fact that he was happy that no one tried to kick him out (like anyone really would), he retweeted and shared the visuals with his 61.3 million Twitter followers. Justin also responded to the senior class' Twitter account and thanked them for letting him hang out.

This was clearly a prom none of them will ever forget. See more clips from the prom below.

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