Ed Sheeran has the Midas touch. The ginger kid has written hits for One Direction, and now, Justin Bieber maybe be getting in on the fun. The Biebs has reportedly recruited Sheeran to work on his acoustic album, due out Jan. 29. If it does pan out, we can call 'em "Sheeber."

The Biebs' manager Scooter Braun, who is more vocal in and communicative with the media than his client, tweeted about Sheeran's late night TV appearance. He then shared a photo of Sheeran in front of a laptop after mentioning that there were amazing artists in the studio at the same time as Bieber.

It's more cryptic than it is concrete, but the leap is not a big one to make. Braun appeared to be dropping major hints, and Sheeran has worked with Taylor Swift, as has The Biebs, so this circle of artists is incestuous.

The Biebs spoke to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show yesterday (Dec. 19), saying that his acoustic EP won't feature high-profile collabos with Swift or One Direction, as many fans had hoped. "I don't think you will [hear a collaboration with One Direction and Swift]," the teen said (quotes courtesy of MTV.) "I hope not anyway, 'cause we all do such different things. I find that collaborations sometimes are overly forced and they're not supposed to work. You should only collaborate if a collaboration makes sense."

Sheeran would make sense, since he is more low-key and his contributions would be more behind-the-scenes that that of T. Swizzle or 1D. Just sayin'.


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